Enamel is a Rock Band From Springfield, Illinois. The current members consist of Sam Ganci (drums), Nick Beal (Bass), Tyler Landess (Lead Guitar, vocals), and Kevin Wasmer (guitar, Lead Vocals).


The band Started in 2001, Enamel released "Cleaner than Ever" with Micah Hattaway and Chad Sibert.


They recorded their second album, "the Ladder" EP in 2003.


"Stray this Way" was released in 2007 with Sam Ganci and Zack Gray recorded on their own and released on their own label Illin Noise Recordings. 


Enamel reformed in 2015 as a quartet after Nick Beal took over bass and lead guitarist Tyler Landess was added.


Enamel has been chosen to open for Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Trivium, Caroline's Spine, Bridge to Grace and Weyland and appeared on the Vans Warped Tour courtesy of sponsors Ernie Ball.



Kevin Wasmer

Photo Album

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